Tweed, Bicycles, and Legos. Oh My!

Note: The following post relates to the project requirements for my Foundations in Creativity class.
Originally posted to the creativity blog on November 14, 2015.

After a few days off to prepare, today was the Philadelphia Tweed Ride, for which the little dapper fellow art concept was created. The event went very well considering the challenges we faced. These are two photos from the event. The featured photo is a wheel displaying a collection of the spoke cards from several years, three of which are my designs. The other is a couple who ride every year on a tandem bicycle. They’re always fantastically dressed and have a great picnic spread.

2015 Philadelphia Tweed RideThe participants of the Tweed Ride are perfect examples of people who make their own world. To live in the past, while living in the present requires a creative approach on what to include and what not to include. Thankfully, the early 20th Century is easier to work within than the 18th Century and people come up with the most clever adaptations of wardrobe and bicycle. Much of this carries into people’s homes as well.

After the 12 mile ride, we (my parents were visiting from New York) were quite tired but a dinner of tasty Chinese food refreshed us. Prior to delivery, my mom took out the Lego Architecture Brandenberg Gate ( I gave to her for her last birthday. This is the series that is designed for adults. She had a great time assembling the kit and we marveled at how clever the design is and the nice packaging. It’s bad manners to do homework while guests are over or to impose on someone else’s Lego building so I got out the adult coloring books again, which continue to be very soothing.

Seeing her work on the model put us all in a mood for Lego so after dinner we played Creationary (, which is like Pictionary but with Lego. Instead of drawing the suggestion on the card, you need to build it out of Lego and your teammates have to guess what it is. I don’t know what is more fun, the building or the amusing guesses. I should have taken photos of some of our creations. Drat.

After the stress of planning and expediting the Tweed Ride event, this creative fun was very well appreciated. Mentally and emotionally I find myself in a good place, ready to tackle my project.

2015 Philadelphia Tweed Ride


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