A Close Call at Peddler’s Village

No need to worry, dear reader, everything is OK. Our lives weren’t in mortal danger. The venue was, at all times, quite lovely. Everything was, by normal standards, excellent.

However, we do not live our lives by normal standards and for this reason, Peddler’s Village is a dangerous place.

We were enticed by a desire to get out of the city for the afternoon but thanks to the rain, hiking wasn’t an option. Several of our friends mentioned the Strawberry Festival which has free admission and parking and pie so we decided it would be a lovely family outing.

Peddler's Village
Don’t let that wisteria fool you…

After a lovely drive through the country, we came upon what looks like a little 18th/19th Century village. It’s adorable. Do you see the wisteria climbing up the front porch of that lovely Federal country house? Look at the dentil molding! Oooh. Aaaaah. It was an overcast day so the photo is a little dark but it was just beautiful, except for the air conditioner. One should not poke holes in antique homes; but I digress.

In Peddler’s Village, several such Colonial-looking homes are connected by little passageways and surround a lovely green that includes a gazebo and a pond. There is even a working mill. It’s just quaint and lovely. But danger is lurking around every corner, literally.

When we first arrived, we immediately ate strawberry fritters and drank something that resembled a strawberry mimosa. It would have been bad to attend a strawberry festival and not have the celebratory foods, so we got that out of the way. Then we explored a bit. By lunchtime we were famished. We almost had to eat lunch at the fancy English pub place but it was closed, thankfully. Instead, we had a lovely lunch at this very charming cafe, which was more budget-friendly. There was quite the wait but the Irish store across the path had these lovely rocking chairs and although it was very crowded in the general areas, this little nook was relatively empty.

Peddler's Village

A nice relaxing moment was had, which was very needed because between the cuteness of the place and the stores, we were all feeling quite overwhelmed. You see, impulsivity is a huge problem for people with ADHD. So, a place like Peddler’s Village, that’s full of enticing boutiques in cute historic houses presents a real challenge to not only the budget, but also for the psyche as this environment can make one feel emotionally overwhelmed, and depressed, from having to deny oneself any gratification.

Peddler's Village
The tunnel of retail despair…

One strategy that helped was agreeing to go to every, single, store before even considering buying anything. By lunch, the Pumpkin had fixated on several things but also had talked herself out of them. It was an excellent exercise for her. And anytime, I even remotely considered something, I reminded myself that we had only come for the pie.

We also contemplated that it’s all find and dandy to see something in a store and fall in love with it but the minute you bring it home, it loses that magic because it’s no longer in the same environment. One, or even several things, do not transform a home. Therefore, it’s far better to enjoy things in their native habitat and not bring them home, like wildflowers or river otters or sectional sofas with really comfy cushions and assorted French-country housewares.

It was just about the last thing we saw that we seriously considered buying. This wooden, topographical map of Brooklyn we absolutely loved. If we had the budget, we might have impulsively purchased what-have-you in prior shops and missed this as it was in the last place we went into. Success for the careful observation and contemplation method of window shopping because at the end of the day, if we had had a budget, we would have been able to make a calculated, thoughtful purchase.

In the end, we admired the map and left with the pie and congratulated ourselves on sticking to our budget. Today, I ate leftover pie for breakfast, free of any budgetary regret hangover.

It’s still a beautiful map… but we have absolutely no room on our walls. Besides, that’s a plane ticket to Florida and memories are ever so much more important now.

I think we’ll plan a return trip, closer to the holidays as it’s a nice place to get the holiday shopping done in one day and it’ll be nice to walk around when there are fewer people. Aside from our particular quirks, all the shopkeepers were just friendly and welcoming, even to window shoppers.

Peddler's Village

P.S. – Isn’t this just a lovely little pond? While we were waiting for the cafe to sit us, the Pumpkin was looking around in a terrarium store and got to feed their koi fish. Part of me wonders if Clutch wouldn’t like to live in a pond with some koi and couldn’t we fit a little pond in our kitchen?


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