Further Down the Creativity Spiral

Note: The following post relates to the project requirements for my Foundations in Creativity class.
Originally posted to the creativity blog on November 15, 2015.

This week’s reading has been fantastic! Yes! Creativity can be a person’s entire self. Creativity can come out in all sorts of ways, not just one special way. At the very least, the creative person is driven to mess with things and not leave well enough alone. Whether it be profession or personal, the creative person does not accept life the way it is. Sometimes this is overwhelming and sad but most of the time we find ways to adjust and cope.

The TRIZ (Runco, pg. 379) model proves to be very helpful in narrowing down the possibilities for this project, specifically no. 26, “copies or variations,” motivation to make something less expensive while also making something that is different. My dress will certainly meet both of those aspects. The nice thing about making the dress is that it is a practical project that will be enjoyed long past the completion of this class. It will remind me that I am a creative individual, not only because of personal conviction, but also from a data-quantified perspective.

An interesting side note is that this dress also represents one in a collection of projects I have lurking about. I’ve learned this is very typical of creative people and having multiple projects to work on as the spirit moves is not a negative or lazy thing, especially personal projects.

The initial motivation for this project was intrinsic and now as the deadline looms, it has moved to extrinsic because it will be subject to your review. This has made me think of the cycle of a creative project, not as the straightforward path that most projects take, but more like a spiral that circles back upon itself but in slightly smaller, more concentrated circles as feeling moves to focus. If people are trying to create the one perfect creative environment, they may be surprised to learn that the perfect environment must be fluid and ever-changing depending on where the person is in their creative cycle. Additionally, even with one person, several projects may be in several states; spiral, upon spiral, upon spiral.

The featured picture was made using the spiral filter in PhotoShop. I could play with PhotoShop for hours. It’s really fun, which is why other people use PhotoShop, even though the results can be scary or misleading.

Runco is the reference to our creativity text book, Creativity Theories and Themes: Research, Development, and Practice by Mark Runco.


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