The Charging Cable Is Definitely Mine

Note: The following post relates to the project requirements for my Foundations in Creativity class. 
Originally posted to the creativity blog on November 19, 2015.

Earlier this week, there was a bit of an incident at home regarding who exactly was responsible for losing the last lurking iPhone charging cable. I don’t recall using the cords without the little adapter boxes so it’s unlikely my fault because we still have all the little boxes. Just the cords are missing so I think it’s my husband who’s made off with them.

After I finished sulking, because he swears it’s not him but I know it’s not me, I set about coming up with an idea to make sure that my last cord doesn’t mysteriously disappear. Or, if I did lose it, I’d have no one to blame but myself. If they weren’t so expensive, we’d just buy some new ones but they’re pricey. So I needed an idea.

The basic premise is to use the same sort of process you’d use to make friendship bracelets or when you start knitting. It’s sort of an over-lock wrap that keeps the thread from unraveling. Then, I added a ladybug button because this will ensure that my manly mechanic husband will not take it to his work. I can’t very well submit this as my creativity project because I’m sure someone else came up with it first and I’m only recalling an idea that passed across my Facebook feed and stuck to my memory just enough to be recalled later on. However, I am sure it was for earphones and there certainly wasn’t a bug on it. Sometimes our creativity is very slight.


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