Happy Thanksgiving, Minus the Turkey

Note: The following post relates to the project requirements for my Foundations in Creativity class.
Originally posted to the creativity blog on November 26, 2015.

Today, Thanksgiving, we ate pie. In keeping with being creative, I cut little owls out of the leftover pie crust and put them on the chicken/ham/fennel pot pies. I could have left them but that would be boring. Yesterday, my husband cut the Viking things out of the box his shower products came in and created a Viking Potato, who is the mascot of this year’s Thanksgiving.  I bet there is some evidence somewhere that says creative people seek out and even marry other creative people, like the Marie Curies, and that ADHD people seek each other out as well. Sort of like the attraction between molecules looking to create bond with other similar molecules.

With so much to finish up for this class, spending hours in a car during which I can’t read or write, wasn’t feasible. Times like this I really miss living in Brooklyn. Then I’ll really start sulking and wonder if moving to Philly wasn’t the worst decision we’ve ever made, which is mostly my fault because I wanted to live in an old house.

When I went to the gym, it was so quiet outside, so peaceful. I simply worked all of that sulk out with a nice run/spin.

The nice thing about having an introverted husband is that he’s just fine with staying home for the holidays and I even took a break, long enough to help clean and decorate the house.

As I’ve mentioned previously, decorating the house for the holidays is most definitely evidence of everyday creativity, except maybe those people who try to channel alien life by putting lights on every exterior surface of their homes. I think that’s competitively, extrinsically motivated – ego more than creation. We personally don’t do that although it would take minimum effort indeed to cover our house with lights because it is tiny. Instead, we employ a cross between primitive, colonial and Germanic folk sensibility for our holiday decor. It’s a work in progress as these things are always expensive.


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