Folding Snack Tray Idea

Note: The following post relates to the project requirements for my Foundations in Creativity class.
Originally posted to the creativity blog on December 3, 2015.

For no reason what-so-ever, while I was using the bathroom at work, I thought of an interesting DIY project to make folding snack trays. We have one and it’s really useful in a small house. I use it as extra desk space when I work and occasionally we use it to eat at in front of the one TV we have. I refuse to let any more televisions into the house for more reasons than I need to go into here.

Folding snack trays can be somewhat pricey. Inexpensive options include those from Walmart, but I refuse to shop there because they exploit their employees. Big-box stores like Costco also have them but membership in a store like that, for people who have a house as small as ours, makes no sense. We’re a one-roll-of-toilet-paper-at-a-time kind of family. Finding the trays second-hand, which I like to do, is very random, which is why we only have one. The remaining options are not quite in our price range or lacking personality and I really hate spending money on something that doesn’t add to the house in function as well as style.

What seems to be in great abundance at the second-hand store are director’s chairs. I figure, if the back is removed, the remaining part should make a nice base for a tray. We can use adhesive Velcro to secure the trays to the base. This way, I can get really cute trays from IKEA. Because they’re not incorporated permanently, I can use the trays alone and the base can still be used as seating if needed. In the end, it might not be all that much cheaper but my version will be adaptable for multiple uses. Although I am 100% sure such a product must exist, my version might be cheaper because I’m making it myself and the perky Scandinavian trays are going to be so much more pretty than what trays like this usually look like.

The idea has gone into my handy notebook. In the past few years, so many ideas have floated away because I think I will remember them but I never do. Because of this project, I’ve gotten in the habit of writing everything down again. You never know when the little “c” creativity will turn into something bigger!


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