Publication Alert! Project Management Competency Models

During my last project management class, we focused on managing projects with team members from different countries. One of my favorite take-aways was the competency model presented by Lynn Crawford, which, in a nutshell, balances technical learning with soft skills and includes a reminder to establish measurable metrics. Conceptually, it says that there is more to a project manager than certification or education. Equally important is the ability to really manage people as a quality leader and to champion the project and the team for a positive outcome that everyone can feel really great about. Of course the discipline, including the Project Management Book of Knowledge, or the PMBOK, is really great to know and provides a great foundation, but it’s equally important to have the emotional intelligence to lead your team in a positive way. Crawford’s model helps provide a guide to do so.

My team (W. Browne, M. Ha, J. Manzoni, A. Mere) produced a paper called, “A Competency Model of Global Project Communications,” which included an analysis of Crawford’s model and an example of how it could be used for project communications, which for international projects, seems to be something that most project managers struggle with. How do you get people from different backgrounds to work together and feel good about working together? How do you overcome distance, both geographically, and technologically, so that your team can communicate effectively? We examined these and related them to the model.

I’m thrilled to have been part of this work and super excited that we got published. It’s a different feeling than when you’re published as a journalist but nevertheless exciting in its own rite.

Title: A Competency Model of Global Project Communications
Publication: Journal of Marketing and Management, 7 (2), 67-76, Nov 2016 67


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