Feeling Overwhelmed? Art, Music, and Creativity to the Rescue!

I can thank my ADHD for the many sleepless nights that keep me from getting up in the morning to go running. I want to fix all the problems – right now! Full disclosure, I’m what they call a democratic socialist. I used to be a republican, then a democrat, and now I arrive at a point where I think that government for the people, by the people is a pretty good idea that we should resurrect from the Declaration of Independence.

Anyway, never mind about all that.

There is a chance that you might be feeling overwhelmed these days because much change is upon us. Even if you’re OK with what’s happening, it’s a lot to take in. If you’re not OK, then it feels like we’re at the end of days.

If you have the sort of ADHD that likes to fix things, likely the sort that means you have 100 unfinished projects lying around, you’re probably finding yourself up all night, laying in bed, trying to fix the economy or public schools or healthcare. Sleep is elusive when there is so much planning to be done! Unfortunately, unless you’re a senator or judge or similar, there isn’t much you can do from a policy perspective so sleep lost isn’t doing any good.

Some of this restless need to fix things can be handled with handy advice from the Indivisible Guide. For me, I’ve decided to pursue public service on a very small level, to start with, so I can be in a position to actually do something. I attend my first meeting at the end of the month. As they say, change starts at home.

Another tactic that is helping to manage the anxiety and break the hold is diverting the focus to creative outlets. Last Friday, we attended a fantastic Paul Simon cover band concert. For two, or so hours, I didn’t think about politics at all! Occasionally, I considered how important music and art art going to be in recording all this emotion, but that was it. No planning, no obsessing, no anxiety. Just a moment with people and music. For the first time since the inauguration, I felt that perhaps whatever comes to pass, we will be OK, that we will get through this.

Of course, that was week one and we are approaching week four. Some disturbing things have come to pass in the meanwhile that have kicked my anxiety into high-gear. But I can’t shut down. Must keep going. I can no use to anyone if I have a nervous break-down.

More than ever, the speed bumps that experiencing or creating art and music provide are essential to relieve the anxiety and break the hyperfocus. I plan on balancing action items that appease the ADHD’s need to ‘do’ with diversions of enjoyable things like visiting museums or attending concerts to keep from being overwhelmed and re-charge.


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