The Row House Resistance Report – Summer ’17 Edition

Here we are, six months into the administration. From my perspective, and this is an editorial here so I’m going to take some liberties, the biggest changes are to federal agencies like the National Parks and the EPA, who have laid off hundreds of people. The National Parks used to care about protecting the public lands of the country but now they seem to be entertaining selling off land for private, and potentially environmentally damaging, purposes. The EPA used to care about the environment but now seems to be going in a non-regulatory direction. And it goes further than those two agencies. I haven’t heard the latest from the financial sector but it isn’t likely to be very pretty either. Consumer protections are poised for the regulation chopping block as well. It seems like science and civil rights are being cast aside for a new, regressive agenda; one that is trying to restore an illusion of a better time that wasn’t ever really a reality except in the sheltered minds of the affluent.

Things are very topsy-turvy. It is disorienting, which concerns me greatly because it is hard to remain vigilant when so many assumptions are challenged. You can’t get your footing on shaky ground. You can’t adapt when the point of origin is unstable. I know being able to deal with uncertainty and ambiguity is an indicator of creative genius but when it’s the foundation of the country you live in it’s unsettling, especially if you have outstanding loans, a mortgage, questionable health, etc. Everything in your life stands to be touched by the decisions this administration is making and none of the projections look good for someone like me, even worse for the poor and aging.

And yet, I go to work each day, collect a paycheck, pay the bills, clean the house, purchase food, cook the food, feed the cats, do homework, write papers, etc. The rhythm of daily life is pretty much the same as it was this time last year. I continue to worry about things. I continue to hope we steer clear of emergencies. I could very easily stick my head in the sand and pretend everything is OK and will continue to progress as it’s always done.

However, I know better. History, science, and economics says we are heading down a dangerous path, once I hope we can weather.


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