Crabs and Beer in Cape May, New Jersey

Quite spontaneously we decided to go to Cape May, New Jersey for the annual Beer and Crab fest. For quite some time, people have been telling me to visit Cape May so we braved the long drive and headed down.

Cape May is about an hour and a half from Philadelphia on a good day. However, GPS sent us through the Pine Barrens which took closer to two and a half hours. The Pine Barrens is a national park, is lovely and very woodsy and smells fantastic, but it’s a single lane road, on which no one is going very quickly. Note for next time, just stick with the Garden State Parkway, which doesn’t smell as nice but has a 65 mph speed limit.

Cape May is located at the very southern end of New Jersey. You almost feel like you’ve fallen off of the country because it’s just nothing but Atlantic Ocean. I’ve been to an Atlantic Ocean beach before but for some reason, this just feels like a terminal end. We were focused on the crab festival and didn’t bring bathing suits, which we probably should have. Perhaps it was the very mild temperatures of the weekend that didn’t make me think swimming at the beach? It’s hovering in the lower 80s, which is very bizarre for August.

Our first stop was the festival being held at the Physick Estate, which gives an idea of what’s to come. Cape May is a national historic preservation district and the entire town is filled with Victorian homes. The Physick house is an example of Stick style (learn more) which separates it in design from the other 19th Century Victorian styles represented.

Physick Estate - Cape May, New Jersey

Like many of the homes, there is a large porch. We noticed that, likely due to the beautiful weather, that many porches were occupied with relaxing guests and owners. Much of the property here is available to rent. I’ve never seen so many Bed & Breakfasts together in one place!

Front porch, Physick Estate house, Cape May, New Jersey.

The Physick Estate in Cape May, NJ.

We were able to explore quite a bit around. Just about every house is photo-worthy. Just amazing!

Victorian Houses in Cape May, NJ.

Victorian Houses in Cape May, NJ.

Victorian Houses in Cape May, NJ.

Victorian Houses in Cape May, NJ.

There was a boutique in this house so we could see what the inside looks like. Just fantastic!

Victorian Houses in Cape May, NJ.

Victorian Houses in Cape May, NJ.

I didn’t get any photos of the Washington Street Mall, which is a two block-long arcade of stores and restaurants but we’ll likely go back in the fall, off-season. The tree-lined streets are likely to look gorgeous!


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